Y. Tietze

Pharmaceutical Representative

Which professional situation did you apply to NiK Personnel Consulting from?

I was at the time I applied to NiK Personnel Consulting, looking for work.

Which position could we place you in?

I began as a pharmaceutical representative at a European drug research company in the cosmetic area in April 2010.

What was important for you when choosing a personnel consultant?

The important points for me were the personnel consultant´s professional experience, which knowledge and contacts to the branch i wanted were available as well as professional and personal competence.

What did you think of our communication?

I found the communication with NiK to be extremely friendly and above all very competent. Even now, kudos from me for the NiK Personnel Consulting.

What can you as an experienced candidate recommend to other people at a career changing stage?

Have a lot of self confidence and trust NiK Personnel Consulting. Realise what you can do, what you have in you and above all what you want to achieve.

Feedback for us / Would you contact us again?

YES! Definitely! Keep it up!!! :)

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