T. Peter

Key Account Manager

Which professional situation did you apply to NiK Personnel Consulting from?

I successfully worked for many years as a medical product consultant and a pharmaceutical representative in dermatology, oncology and haematology.

Which position could we place you in?

Now I am a Key Account Manager for a European pharmaceutical company responsible for the specialist areas of urology / oncology.

What was important for you when choosing a personnel consultant?

One aspect which was very important for me was that I was a priority at NiK Personnel Consulting - they were really interested in people, for their wishes and aims - and not just in CVs, references etc.

What did you think of our communication?

NiK Personnel Consulting has always reacted quickly, always made an effort in my interests, yes, I had the impression that they put their heart and soul into it - I always felt very well looked after, very professional. At this point I would like to sincerely thank the whole team for their untiring commitment!

What can you as an experienced candidate recommend to other people at a career changing stage?

You must not lose sight of the target, always be one step ahead. It is of course critical to work in a very close trusting way with an experienced service provider such as NiK Personnel Consulting.

Feedback for us / Would you contact us again?

I would contact you again immediately at any time ... NiK Personnel Consulting? Simply good, you can only recommend them! Which I have already successfully done. Keep it up - I wish you all the best.

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