T. Bauer

Specialist Field Sales Force

Which professional situation did you apply to NiK Personnel Consulting from?

I was in a long-term position for a pharmaceutical special field sales force.

Which position could we place you in?

Again in a long-term position in a pharmaceutical special field sales force at an outstanding pharmaceutical company.

What was important for you when choosing a personnel consultant?

Discretion, reliability, professionalism, friendliness and empathy.

What did you think of our communication?

The communication met the idea which I had in view of a personnel consultant: discreet, dependable, professional, friendly and empathetic.

What can you as an experienced candidate recommend to other people at a career changing stage?

Be true to yourself! And don´t give up!

Feedback for us / Would you contact us again?

Any time! I had a variety of contact to NiK employees. Nina Kummerlöwe clearly stood out due to her professionalism. Many thanks for everything!!

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