D. Ehrmann

Manager Regional Management

Which motives are there for a successful and experienced manager, to approach the next job/career level via a personnel consultancy? 

Most management positions were filled at that time by personnel consultants, so that this for a start was for practical reasons. The crucial question is which personnel consultancy you should turn to! Although personal contact and basis of mutual trust count above all. It is particularly important to consider when choosing how the personnel consultancy deals with personal data: are feedback talks held with the applicant, which companies are the documents sent to? Or is e.g. the CV sent to potential employers with only the name blacked out and without consulting the candidate? The support for the job interview preparation via information about the company, which some consultancies offer, is of great use. 

What do you as a manager expect from a candidate in a job interview? 

Next to the matter of course things such as punctuality and a neat appearance it goes down well to be well prepared. 

Has the applicant found out about the company and the position? Which questions does he ask? Can he prove his statements about his work e.g. with figures or examples of work? It is sensible to carry an attractive looking file for this purpose with you. 

Which behaviour or relatively statements should in your opinion be avoided? 

Knock out criteria are for me complaining about the current employer, unexcused lateness, unsuitable clothes. It also doesn´t go down well with me when the applicant´s questions are limited to salary and social benefits. 

It is particularly important to me that in the talk, no matter what has happened before, there isn´t any dealing with the past on the contrary that the view is clear and aimed optimistically at the future. 

What was the greatest challenge in your recently closed application process?

The greatest challenge for me was to establish in the probation time that the first company did not suit me at all and that a solution had to be quickly found. It is important to act quickly and decisively and not to be down in the mouth when there are defeats and setbacks. Optimism and positive thinking pay off, there was a solution at the end, which was better than all those before...


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